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Saturday, 17 September 2011


Beastly is a 2011 romantic fantasy film loosely based on Alex Flinn's 2007 novel of the same name.[4] It is a retelling of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast set in modern-day New York City. The film is written and directed by Daniel Barnz[5] and stars Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer.
The plot focuses on Kyle Kingson, a wealthy and arrogant high school student. During an environmental event, he is disrespectful to a classmate, who is secretly a witch in disguise. The witch then casts a spell on Kyle to disfigure his body and face, giving him one year to find love or be left with his monstrous appearance forever.

Kyle Kingson (Alex Pettyfer) is the arrogant and vain son of wealthy and equally as arrogant and vain news anchor Rob Kingson (Peter Krause). When he wins Green Committee president, he bullies the eccentric Kendra Hilferty (Mary-Kate Olsen) for being ugly and strange at the after-party. Disgusted, Kendra magically transforms Kyle into a bald, tattooed and scarred shell of his once-handsome self. Kendra says Kyle has until the next spring to find someone who loves him or he stays this way forever. His father Rob takes Kyle to live in a private condo with their maid, Zola (Lisa Gay Hamilton), and Kyle's blind tutor, Will Fratalli (Neil Patrick Harris). Rob initially promises to support his son, but gradually neglects his son over time and stops visiting him after work altogether. Angry and hurt, Kyle finds sympathy from Will and Zola.
As spring draws closer, Kyle finds himself infatuated with Lindy Taylor (Vanessa Hudgens), a girl from his former school who he had initially been as distant to as he was to Kendra. When Lindy and her father are about to be shot by two brothers on the street, Lindy's father shoots one of the brothers, the surviving one vowing vengeance by taking Lindy's life. Kyle saves Lindy and her father, and arranges for Lindy to move in with him for her own safety. Initially, Lindy is furious about hiding, since she wants to go to Machu Picchu on a field trip - but after she claims she's seen worse when Kyle reveals himself to her (now calling himself "Hunter" around her), they warm up to each other. Kyle writes a letter to Lindy professing his love to her, but he never plans to give it to her, in fear of Lindy not feeling the same way. Will and Zola continue to help Kyle win her over, as the two begin to fall in love. In time, he completely wins her over when they read Frank O'Hara's poem "Having a Coke with You" together out loud. Closer to spring, Kyle goes to visit Kendra, begging for more time. Kendra refuses, but agrees to restore Will's vision and grant citizenship to Zola's three children in Jamaica as well as restoring Kyle to his original self if he succeeds in winning Lindy's heart.
Lindy receives a text message from her father that the criminal who threatened her life is in jail. She and Kyle spend an afternoon at one of Rob's private cottages on a lake. As they are about to kiss, Lindy receives a call notifying her that her father overdosed and is in a hospital. Kyle gives permission for Lindy to leave and see her father. After driving Lindy to see the train station, Kyle gives her his letter, but regrets doing so when she tells him he's a good friend before leaving. Heartbroken, Kyle does not answer Lindy's phone calls, after she reads his letter. Inspired by Will and Zola, Kyle goes to meet Lindy one last time before she leaves for Machu Picchu, and explains he did not answer her calls because he thought she only liked him as a friend. Lindy professes her love, and departs for Machu Picchu. Kyle's normal, handsome self is restored with Kendra's spell broken, but Lindy decides against leaving and tries to find "Hunter" again. She initially ignores Kyle while searching for Hunter, only for Kyle's phone to ring when she calls "Hunter". Realizing Hunter was Kyle, the two share a kiss in the street.
Will wakes up one morning and to his delight can see again. Zola finds three green cards for her children in the mail from the government. Kendra is also seen approaching Rob Kingson's office as a new intern, implying that Kendra will likely do the same thing to Rob as she did to Kyle. In the credits, a series of photographs show that Kyle and Lindy went around the world together - starting with Machu Picchu.

Alternate ending

Zola and Will encourage Kyle to go to the school to see Lindy before she leaves. When he gets there, he discovers that the plane to Machu Picchu has departed. This leaves him upset and he accidentally exposes his face, and a girl screams. He runs briefly and sees Kendra. He tells everyone that he is who he is, inside and out, and then runs. He runs to a forest, and tries many times to call Lindy, and sees that he has a message from her, telling him that she didn't go because of his letter and she didn't want to go without him. Lindy then calls him, and Kyle hears that Victor, the criminal from earlier, escaped and is holding her hostage. Kyle runs off to find her.
Through clues that Lindy leaves him, Kyle eventually finds Lindy and Victor, and Victor turns his gun on Kyle. He rushes at the two, and frees Lindy, knocks out Victor and is shot. He falls to the ground and Lindy comforts him. Kyle tells her that she has known him, and that he was ugly, referring to his life as the mean Kyle. She tells him that he isn't ugly and that she loves him. She kisses him, and Kyle dies. The flowers from his tattoo fall off of his arm and heal his gunshot wound, and revives him. Kyle returns to his normal self, since Lindy broke the curse. Kyle awakens and looks at his reflection in the mirror, seeing that he is normal. Lindy also sees this and is scared that her friend isn't there. Kyle tries to explain about his curse, and Lindy refuses to listen. He becomes broken-hearted at the thought that Lindy doesn't believe him, however after much thought, Lindy finally believes him and they kiss.
Zola and Will find that Zola's children are allowed to live in the states, and that Will can see. About a month later, Kyle is attending his school's graduation ceremony, with a white rose in his pocket. He sees Sloane and Trey, who tell them that he changed because it's what underneath that counts. He also sees Kendra, and thanks her about Will and Zola, and she jokes around, indicating a friendship starting. Lindy meets up with Kyle, who he says is beautiful on the inside, and they kiss, with Kyle actually changing to be a better man. Later, Kendra is seen at Rob Kingson's office as an intern, supposedly intending to do the same thing to Rob as she did to Kyle.

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